2023 - Chair of the IJCAI Symposia on AI & Public Good in the Global South (2023 symposium in Johannesburg, in coordination with the South African Conference on AI - SACAIR). 

2023 - Outstanding Paper Award at ACL (Association of Computational Linguistics) within the 7th Workshop on Online Abuse and Harms. Paper "Aporophobia: An Overlooked Type of Toxic Language Targetting the Poor", with Kiritchenko, S., Nejadgholi, I. and Fraser, K.C.  

2023 - Co-Chair of the AI and Social Good Special Track at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI’23)

2023 (15 May - 15 Aug) - Visiting Scholar. Kavli Center for Ethics, Science and the Public. UC Berkeley.

2023 - Fellow conducting the "Economically sustainable AI for Good" project at the ND-IMB Technology Ethics Lab. 

2003 -  Associate Scientist. European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems (Ellis Alicante Foundation). 

2021 - 2023 - Invited member to the Von Hügel Institute reading group series on the Capability Approach and Human Development. St. Edmun's College. University of Cambridge.   

2022 – Best AI for Good Project Award at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI’2022), Track AI for Good.

2022 – Postdoctoral Fellowship at the ND University Technology Ethics Center (ND TEC). University of Notre Dame. 

2022 – Excellent Cum Laude for the PhD dissertation Artificial Intelligence and inclusion: an analysis of bias against the poor”. 

2005 – Best MBA Entrepreneurship Project Award. Instituto de Empresa (IE).

2005 – Distinction with Honors. International Executive MBA. Instituto de Empresa (IE).

2000 – European Commission Fellowship.